Gunslinger Skills


Gun Mastery: Increases Mastery of Gun Weapons and increases Accuracy. Max is 20 points.


Gun Booster: Increases Gun’s attack speed. Requires 5 points in Gun Mastery. Max is 20 points.


Invisible Shot: The first that’s fired will go through a monster and attack another one behind it. Max is 20 points.


Throwing Bomb: Throw a bomb by holding down the skill button. The longer you hold it down, the farther it is tossed. Can be throwed in the air. Max is 20 points.


Fake Shot: Fires a fake shot and stuns a number of enemies. Max is 20 points.


Float: Allows player to stay in the air longer. Max is 10 points.


Withdraw: Fires a shot, using the recoil to make the player jump back. Can be used in the air. Requires 5 points in Float. Max is 20 points.


~ by Rlin06 on October 24, 2008.

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